Costa Rica is the perfect place to invest in real estate. Homes for sale in Costa Rica are a virtual bargain: most of them are located in areas with great potential growth in the future and are sold at reasonable prices. Moreover, the laws governing homes for sale in Costa Rica are clear and leave little room for confusion, which often happens when buying lands in foreign countries.

But, first thing’s first: before deciding to buy homes for sale in Costa Rica, remember that Costa Ricans don’t live like most US citizens do. No, this is not saying disparaging things about Costa Ricans. It is just that Costa Ricans have a different way of life than you are probably used to and in order to lessen the culture shock when you decide to buy homes for sale in Costa Rica, it is important that you learn a few things about how Costa Ricans live.

The most important thing to remember when buying homes for sale in Costa Rica is that Costa Ricans place little to no value on the following things:

* Formal dining rooms – Costa Ricans often invite-only family members to their homes so they have no need for a formal dining room.

* TV room – They generally watch the same program so it would be unusual to find a TV in each bedroom.

* Kitchens – Kitchens are a must in homes for sale in Costa Rica, yes, but it is usually the maids who do the cooking. Unlike in most US households, the kitchen is not the place where the family gathers.

* Pantry – Costa Ricans buy in small quantities so they have no use for a pantry.

* Hot water – The warm climate in Costa Rica dispels the need for that. The bathrooms usually have suicide showers. They have no hot water in kitchens either.

* Large master suite – In homes for sale in Costa Rica, the bedrooms are just places where you sleep. Forget about having a nice and cozy hiding place.

* Finishes – Costa Ricans spend most of their days and nights outdoors. It is not unusual to find people living in cheap and horrible homes but driving a BMW to work. Nice looking homes are not that important to them since they hardly invite strangers to their homes.

* Garden and Yard – Homes for sale in Costa Rica do not usually have these, especially if the home you are considering is located in the city. City people just do not have the time to maintain a garden or a yard. What they have instead is a Quinta, which is a small cottage in the countryside where the city people go to when they need some leisure.


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