One of the most effective ways to keep your swimming pool operating like it should is to keep the filter clean. Once it is clogged it will result in a downward spiral of things occurring that you aren’t going to be happy with. Without a filtering system that operates correctly, you aren’t going to be able to get the most benefit from the chemicals you add to the water either.

There are many different types of swimming pool filters as well. Should you find you are continually repairing yours it may be time to upgrade to a better one. Make sure you get some assistance from an expert at a swimming pool dealership so that you get one that is compatible. Your swimming pool filter will also last much longer if you take care of it by keeping it clean.

If your filter contains a cartridge you will need to gently take it out. This way you can rinse off dirt and debris that have accumulated. Run it over a slow stream of gentle water though. Many people end up ruining their swimming pool filter cartridge when they run it under fast-moving water or spray it with a high-pressure nozzle. Instead of removing the dirt and debris though it tends to wedge it into the filter. It can even result in the filter being torn or damaged.

There are some great cleaners for these filters out there and you should invest in one of them. Generally, they need to be diluted with water so make sure you read the instructions. Place the swimming pool filter cartridge into the solution and let it sit for several hours. Many swimming pool owners place theirs in at night and then remove it the next morning.

Some people use acid instead of a cleaning solution but you don’t want to go that route. This is because the acid won’ t break down oils and other liquids you can’t see but are present. You need to remove all of that matter as well. The acid tends to be too harsh on the elements that make up the swimming pool filter cartridge as well.

After you have allowed it to sit, you need to rinse it again very slowly and carefully. You don’t want any residue from the cleaning solution to linger. You also don’t want to use high pressure or you will end up damaging the filter cartridge. If you find that you still have materials on it then repeat the soaking process again to ensure it has all been removed.

Should you need to soak it again, remove the mixture from the bucket first. Rinse it out so that none of what was removed is available to get back on it. You may need to soak the filter cartridge for several hours if you haven’t done it in a while. After you have it really clean though make a commitment to complete this process on a regular basis.

Sometimes you will discover that your efforts are in vain. When that takes place you need to look into replacing the cartridge. You won’t have to replace the entire filter very often though so don’t be in a rush to do so if you only have one piece of it that really isn’t working as it should anymore.


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