When you’ve got diabetes, you know that the sugar in your blood is higher than normal. This makes it difficult to monitor your glucose levels accurately, and at times your doctor may need to prescribe medication for this. Medication can be a major part of controlling your diabetes.

For many years, a single drug therapy was used to control the disease. There are now multiple treatments available for people with diabetes. The cost of these drugs varies by manufacturer, but many medications can be very expensive. Talk to your physician about how much you are likely to have to pay out of your pocket.

Some diabetes drugs that are usually prescribed are insulin and diet and exercise or lifestyle changes. Other drugs may be needed for another condition that is related to diabetes. Your diabetes specialist will be able to advise you on what type of drug therapy is right for you.

Insulin is a hormone that helps in the control of sugar in the blood. It is secreted by the pancreas. Diabetes patients often have low blood sugar, which is not enough insulin to keep up with the sugar in the blood. Using insulin to correct this problem is called insulin therapy.

Beta-blockers are also commonly prescribed for people with diabetes. They help the blood to lower its levels of sugar. If the blood is not adequately controlled, then the person suffering from diabetes may become dizzy or faint. Beta-blockers are taken orally, and most come in the form of a shot.

Some diabetes patients take a daily dose of diuretics to increase the amount of urine. This reduces the amount of excess water that comes into the body, thus reducing the amount of acid in the urine. These are a very common form of therapy among diabetes patients.

Most patients who have diabetes are also given a test called a glucose test before their next meal and after a 30 minute period on a frequent basis known as an oral glucose tolerance test. This is done every 6 hours for a period of three days. The results are reported every morning to the patient and should be followed closely.

The usual medicine which is used to control high blood sugar levels is insulin. It is available as long as a patient has a need for it. This may be as long as ten years for some patients.

Medication such as glucocorticoids, which is also called glucagon will also be used. Glucagon causes the pancreas to release the hormones insulin and glucagon, which are needed to maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood. A low blood sugar level can be treated by taking the glucocorticoids orally or an injection. This type of medication is usually only prescribed for a short time.

Meds like glucagon and steroids are used to help people suffering from the side effects of diabetes. This is usually only recommended if a diabetic patient cannot control his or her diabetes without these medicines. Medications like these may be available without a prescription in some pharmacies.

Sometimes a medication called metformin is used in combination with other medications. Metformin acts as a mild diuretic and helps to decrease fluid retention. It has also been shown to improve control of blood sugar in many cases. It has been prescribed by doctors to control insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and cardiac problems.


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