Have you ever considered publishing your own newsletter with a list of subscribers who read it on a regular basis? Have you ever thought about the income that this newsletter could provide? If you haven’t, I think it’s about time you start…

Why? Because, if done properly, your newsletter can be a goldmine for you!

Without your own “content concentrated” newsletter with an avalanche of subscribers who trust you, you might as well kiss the Internet riches goodbye.

Publishing your own newsletter still remains the only ‘real and effortless’ way of earning a steady income on the Internet. The best part? You can set-up your own newsletter in just minutes

Many people think that running their own newsletter is extremely difficult. They run away at even the thought of it! They fear they lack the expertise they need to write.

Well, behold, your worrying days are OVER! Yes, you CAN have a newsletter, even if you don’t know a thing about the topic. Heck, you can have your own newsletter if you don’t know English! How?

You can let other people write for you. There are many services on the Internet that offer to write your newsletters for you.

That’s it, click of a mouse and you have a writer. Still, think it’s too hard to have your own profitable newsletter?

Here is another place where ‘I’ have had oodles of success finding people to write for me, internet marketing, and writer forums.

You can easily find experts in all kinds of writing on these forums, and the best part is, they love helping! Even better, they take pride in their work, so you can make sure you always get the best of the best. Many times, they won’t even charge you a penny for it. Why? This is their way of getting their name out there – more assurance that they’re work will be flawless.

So now, all you have to do is know the topic and you can have others do ALL the writing FOR you – all for as little as $20.00.

You simply give the writer the topic, idea, and style of writing you want – and WALAA, outcomes your newsletter! When it’s done, simply send it out to your subscribers – they’ll never know that you didn’t write it and you never have to credit the writer for it.

Now, you’re probably worried about that $20.00 you spent, right? Well, if the issues are written well, just one issue of your newsletter can end up resulting in thousands of dollars in sales!

$20.00 turns into a possible thousand, and you didn’t write a single word!

Just make sure you include links in the article to your affiliate products, or even your own products – as your subscriber is reading, he/she will click the links and BUY!

There is a lot of crap on the internet nowadays, so if you want your readers to trust you as an expert in your field and buy from your recommendations – you NEED to provide very informative content.

If your content is helpful and fresh, your readers will learn to trust you – pretty soon, they will purchase everything you recommend!

Ok, so now you know how to get content for your newsletter, but how about the subscribers to actually read the content? There are some services that can get you, subscribers, very quickly. The best among them include:

Now, because they are offering you subscribers FAST and with little work on your part, you have to pay them. However, their costs are quite affordable, starting at just $0.09 per subscriber.

What else do you have to worry about? You now have subscribers and great content. Now, just choose some great products to promote, and sit back and watch the checks roll in.